Metaverse entrance or mobile big screen

  • It not only supports the AR versions of many mainstream film and television APPs such as iQiyi, Video, and Migu Video, but also supports AR sports functions and social functions. Of course, everyone's favorite AR The game function is also absent. iQIYI viewing experience AR game experience AR sports experience In a short process of use, I think that although Nreal Air is an excellent terminal product for the current AR experience, it is still not suitable for use in outdoor and travel scenarios. Its AR function It is more suitable for use in fixed scenarios, such as creating an infinitely expandable virtual work space for yourself at the company's workstation, and you can also enjoy multimedia content while exercising at home. Aerial screen projection: Combined with PC mode, it brings a wonderful experience. Another major feature of Nreal Air is the aerial screen projection function. By default, the aerial screen projection is to put the screen image of the mobile phone into the virtual space for display. In this mode, the user is equivalent to operating a smartphone with a larger screen size in front of his eyes. After experiencing this mode, it is more suitable for the user who has already put on the Nreal Air, but needs to return to the normal mobile phone interface to process information. In addition to the two functions of AR space and aerial screen projection, I also found that with the PC mode function of the mobile phone, users can use the Nreal Air as a portable display to use the PC mode of the mobile phone, so that if necessary After completing office work, it can of course also be used as a big screen to play mobile games for an immersive gaming experience. Use the mobile phone PC mode for aerial projection to expand the large screen: a more practical experience mode Nreal Air also supports direct use as a display. Simply put, we can connect Nreal Air to a device that can output video signals to connect Nreal Air Used as a giant screen display. Now that it is used as a display, we have to mention the display effect of Nreal Air. The screen image displayed by the Nreal Air comes from the Sony Micro OLED screen on the two lenses, combined with Nreal's world-leading self-developed "Jinghong Ruiying" optical engine 2.0 to achieve an excellent display effect. The "Sharp Vision" optical engine 2.0 display architecture of the Nreal Air: Based on the principles of geometric optics and physical optics, Micro OLED is used as the image source. deflection of the direction and the regulation of the light wave state realize the clear, high-contrast, and low-distortion presentation of the image source, bringing a realistic AR visual experience. At the same time, the "Sharp Vision" optical engine 2.0 display structure is compact, which enables Nreal Air to have the morphological characteristics of ordinary sunglasses. In addition, Nreal Air has passed the three authoritative certifications of T?V Rheinland, low blue light, no flicker, and Eye comfort. In the actual experience, although the display effect of Nreal Air is not very shocking, compared to most AR products, its screen display effect is quite excellent, especially in some scenarios for audio and video viewing. Yes, at the same time, if you use it to play games, you can also get an immersive gaming experience. As an extended screen for audio and video experience As an extended screen for game experience summary: more than the surprise, I look forward to the experience after a few days, Nreal Air brought me a lot of surprises, on the one hand, Nreal Air let us see AR products It is mature enough to start entering the consumer market, especially in the scenario of personal virtual space, experience brought by Nreal Air can be said to exceed expectations; on the other hand, it also shows us many possibilities of AR equipment in the future, so We are very much looking forward to further mature products.

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