Super detailed computer hard drive purchase strategy

  • I'm a craftsman. I don't know what kind of wind has brought the solid-state option to the forefront recently. Many friends have asked me whether a certain type of hard drive is reliable? Can a hard drive without external cache be used? And so on. Today, I will give you some suggestions from various aspects, I hope to help you. First: Do you have to buy the original solid state? First of all, we have to understand what is the original solid state? Generally, it refers to the hard disk that uses its own particles, because some brands, such as Samsung, SanDisk, etc., have the ability to produce particles, and they often use their own particles. This kind of hard disk is the original solid state. However, most of the original granules are expensive, and most third-party manufacturers choose granules from other manufacturers, and then assemble them into their own hard drives for sale. So, is the original factory solid state necessary? Of course it's not necessary. Because the evaluation of the quality of the hard disk is not as simple as only the particles, because although the quality of the original particles is higher than that of the third-party in most cases, not all the original particles are good. For example, although Kioxia (formerly Toshiba) uses its own pellets, its performance is very poor, and its lifespan is not even as good as some low-end models. purchased model. Second: Is an external cache necessary? First of all, we need to understand what the external cache is used for? Since the technical principle is too complicated, I will briefly introduce it here. Due to the working principle of solid-state drives, they must be erased before they can be written. If there is no external cache, the life of the SSD will be consumed faster. The external cache acts as a buffer. So is an external cache necessary? This requires us to look at different situations. If you have a job or demand that requires a particularly high speed of the hard disk, then an external cache is still necessary. After all, it can effectively prolong the service life of the hard disk. However, for most home and daily entertainment users, there is basically no need for an external cache, because it is difficult to fully consume the life of the hard disk in the case of home use. There is no particular need to slow down. Third, is the white flake granule unusable? This problem is actually similar to the original solid state at the beginning, and it is not completely negative. Because white film does not represent quality, the so-called white film is just a folk name. There are only original and non-original manufacturers, qualified and unqualified. We generally refer to the original particles packaged by third parties as white chips. Many white films are also packaged by some big manufacturers, such as Kingston and ADATA, you can buy them with confidence. As long as they are not particularly small factories, there is no problem. Finally, let’s talk about the types that must not be purchased: scribed sheets, black sheets, dismantling sheets, fake particles, etc. First of all, there are scribed sheets and black sheets. Disks and the like are rubbish, let alone hard drives. The disassembly piece is easy to understand, that is, the particles removed from the solid state. There are also fake particles that are even simpler, that is, particles marked by some small factories imitating the original particles. The above types are often encountered on some small brands of hard drives. If you see some hard drives with large capacity but very low prices, then there is a high probability that these particles have a very short service life. Well, that's it for the purchase of solid-state hard drives, I hope it can help everyone!

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