Apple iPhone 15 super cup exposure

  • HeaderQuixingAugust Ranking# September 26 news, recently, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple may launch a new iPhone 15 Ultra model next year to replace the Pro Max series. This means that next year's iPhone 15 Ultra will be Apple's strongest model ever. (Image source: Apple's official website) As a result, many new configurations and functions may be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Ultra, such as the charging interface will become a Type-C interface, and fast charging will be improved. Not only that but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that only the top iPhone 15 will use a periscope telephoto lens next year, and even the iPhone 15 Pro will not be able to use it. This shows how high the status of the iPhone 15 Ultra is, and it may be Apple's next-generation top "machine king". (Image source: Apple's official website) Of course, the iPhone 15 Ultra has more comprehensive configurations and functions, and the price will naturally be higher, and it may even refresh Apple's price record. I have to say that Apple's knife skills are always extremely accurate. First, they widened the gap between the iPhone 14 standard version and the iPhone 14 Pro series to make more profits. Now they have added the iPhone 15 Ultra version. In terms of high-end models, it can only be said that it really deserves to be Apple. Maybe the follow-up iPhone models will also adopt such a product strategy. It is foreseeable that Apple's high-end models will become more and more subdivided in the future. (Image source: Apple's official website) In general, the iPhone 15 Ultra is more suitable for consumers with relatively high budgets who like photography and pursue a photo-taking experience, so Xiaolei suggested that such consumers can consider skipping the iPhone 14 series, etc. First-class iPhone 15 series. For consumers with relatively low budgets and low performance requirements, perhaps the standard version of this generation of iPhone 14 may be a good choice. (Cover image source

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