Lexar Lexar Thunder God armor OC DDR4 UDIMM

  • In a sense, white has the characteristics of "timeless and noble and pure",https://www.zteamsshop.com/los-angeles-lakers/shaquille-o-neal.html and so does white memory. Although its existence is not a new thing in the field of computer hardware, it is often matched with white motherboards. A set of quite dazzling white platform. Lexar Lexar has also made great efforts in the research and development of white memory, from the Ares Blade RGB DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory launched in January to the Thor Armor OC DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory launched today. In the process of installing computer hardware, memory is an important part, so it is necessary for DIY users to choose a memory stick that suits them. In the face value industry, a white storm has become popular in the hardware circle due to a new storm in TA. In the past two years, the combination of pure white consoles and desktops has become a new fashion. Major manufacturers have launched various white consoles, hardware and external devices. Design products to meet the individual needs of DIY users. https://www.yteamsshop.com/boston-bruins/patrice-bergeron.htmlLexer, as an international high-end consumer storage brand, previously launched the God of War RGB DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory, with its pure white tone and dazzling RGB lighting effects, it has been favored by many users, and this time the launch of Lexer Kai OC DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory Haoyue white version better meets the needs of users who "reject light pollution" for white memory products, allowing players to more easily create their own high-value host style. The Thor Armor OC DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory continues the family-style blade edge design of the Thor Armor series. The top is hollowed out and the left and right flower arrays create a creative design like a work of art. It can meet the needs of memory heat dissipation, and at the same time, it can also interpret what "speed" is. Aesthetics”, with a strong sense of lines and high recognition on the appearance; the aluminum alloy heat dissipation vest adopts a pure white style as a whole, and the surface of the vest treated with baking paint is added with a dark gray brand LOGO for embellishment, which looks more Pure and high-end, every detail shows the metal texture of Thor's armor,https://www.uteamsshop.com/chicago-blackhawks/jonathan-toews.html and the simple and elegant appearance makes people fall in love at first sight, showing the unique temperament of Thor's armor. In the power circle, there should be a place for TA. Thor Armor OC DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory not only has a tough and atmospheric appearance, but also inherits the strong performance of Thor Armor. It adopts a new generation of high-performance DDR4 structure, and the transmission rate is as high as 3600Mbps*. With the support of XMP2.0 technology, this memory can not only improve work efficiency, become a tool for content creators, but also allow professional players to speed up the pace of customs clearance and upgrade the operating experience in the game world. Thor Armor OC DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory shows the strong manufacturing level of Lexar Lexar memory from the appearance design to the solid material, 16GB large capacity selection, stable compatibility with Intel & AMD mainstream platforms, enough to cope with the operation of major mainstream applications.https://www.tteamsshop.com/atlanta-falcons/marcus-mariota.html If you pay special attention to the appearance and performance advantages, this Thor Armor OC DDR4 UDIMM desktop computer memory should become your best choice. *Data sourced from Lexar Quality Labs, actual performance may vary due to equipment differences. No responsibility for personal data stored in the product, please backup personal data. Product appearance, software product and packaging may vary due to ship date and availability.

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