that northerners are more likely to use folding screens than southerners

  • Citing news from, according to the report on folding screen mobile phones released by Daily Interactive Big Data recently, as of now, the growth trend of the number of activated devices for folding screen mobile phones has shown three ranges. The fourth quarter of 2019 to the third quarter of 2020 is the early adopter period of folding screen mobile phones. At this stage, folding screen mobile phones began to enter the public eye, which inspired some people with spending power and fashionable people to become the first users of folding screen mobile phones. The fourth quarter of 2020 to the fourth quarter of 2021 is the period when folding screen mobile phones are gaining momentum. At this stage, with the maturity of technology and the abundance of mobile phone models, the price of folding screen mobile phones has decreased, and the number of purchasers has increased, but the growth is not obvious. In 2022, the number of activated devices for folding screen mobile phones has accelerated and entered the development stage. Data shows that in the second quarter of 2022, the number of activated devices for folding screen mobile phones increased by 137.5% year-on-year and 30.9% month-on-month. CINNOResearch, International Data Corporation (IDC) and other institutions released reports that under the background of insufficient momentum in the overall market environment, the folding screen segment has maintained a rapid growth trend. At present, this segment shows two characteristics. One is that northerners prefer to use folding screen mobile phones; the other is that Huawei and Samsung lead the folding screen market, with a market share of 48.5% and 31.5% respectively. Compared with southern users, northern users prefer folding screen phones. The daily interactive big data ranked according to the preference value (TGI) of users of folding screen mobile phones in each city, and found that users in Beijing, Taiyuan, Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang and other northern cities have a higher preference for folding screen mobile phones. From the perspective of market share distribution, the two major brands, Huawei and Samsung, have a large market share and are the current leaders in the folding screen mobile phone market. According to the ranking of the market share of folding screen mobile phone brands in the domestic market, Huawei ranks first with a market share of 48.5%, of which only the Huawei P50Pocket model accounts for 21.5%; Samsung ranks second with a market share of 31.5%; OPPO and Xiaomi ranked third and fourth respectively; Honor and vivo ranked fifth and sixth. Editor's comment: With the continuous upgrading of technology, the continuous optimization of costs, and the increasing variety of models, folding screen mobile phones have gradually entered the development period from the accumulation period. And the differences between the North and the South can also be reflected in the habits of mobile phone use? So which phone do you prefer to use in your daily life?

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