Google ChromeOS native video enhancements will

  • IT House news on September 11th, since the epidemic, many lifestyles have changed, such as telecommuting, online classes, online meetings, etc., but thanks to this, a lot of software has also been improved, but Mainly for Windows, macOS and mobile platform users. It now appears that ChromeOS users may get these enhancements in a future update. According to 9to5Google, developers of ChromeOS have been working hard to bring native video enhancements to the operating system. For example, add features such as background blur to all video conferencing applications to ensure users have privacy and security during meetings. IT Home has learned that this feature has now appeared in the code, and Google will use machine learning to apply it to all scenarios, which means that high-end ChromeOS devices may have a better experience., Google appears to have other video effects in the works as well, such as the "portrait rellighting" effect, which is expected to allow users to brighten subjects/people in videos. Digging into the code, it appears that an auto-framing feature is also in development. Of course, since these features are still in development, it is possible that some features will never be made public. But the important thing is that Google is developing more tools and features that will become more important over time and will also lead to a better experience for ChromeOS users.

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