Professional video splitting tool is here

  • Do many friends have this problem when editing videos? is a frame clipping in the split video. This is not necessarily because the editing is not professional enough, but also because the video editing software used is not accurate enough when splitting the video and cannot be accurate to the right position. Today, I will share a professional video with you. Video splitting tool, solve this kind of problem! Fast video editing software Today we will use this professional editing tool to complete video segmentation. Although this is a video editing software, for the convenience of users, the video segmentation function is specially set. The operation steps are also very simple and suitable for novices. ~Function Highlights The page layout is simple, and the functions are clear and clear, which is very suitable for novice operation editing professional, smooth video segmentation without frame clipping, support for custom audio and video parameter adjustment, one-stop video editing, efficient and convenient operation Step 01 After selecting the video segmentation function on the home page , add the video file to the split list, 02Drag the green timeline with the mouse to split~Or directly select the start and end time of the split to complete the split~This is also more convenient~03You can also customize the cropping of the screen: set the height ,, etc., you can export it directly after completion. The splitting technique is simpler. The method of editing is to create a new video directly, add the video that needs to be split to the time track, select the video, and click to split, which is more convenient for splitting the video. operation~ This is the introduction to the method of video segmentation. The steps are also very simple. If you are interested, please try it!

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