PS5 will usher in a major overhaul

  • The PS5 has undergone at least two minor revisions since its release. The so-called minor revision means that the appearance has basically remained unchanged, but some internal adjustments have been made. From the current point of view, the latest PS5 has some changes in the motherboard design and heat sink, which directly causes the PS5 to weigh about 600g less than the earliest version. However, the latest news indicates that the PS5 will usher in a real big change next year, when the whole appearance will be very different than it is now. It is reported that this time Sony will release a new ultra-thin PS5 in 2023, which may be named PS5 Slim, and a major feature of this thin console is the use of a detachable USB optical drive, so for users, The optical drive becomes detachable, and the volume of the entire host becomes smaller. Therefore, the appearance of the new PS5 has changed a lot. Of course, the core components will remain the same as now, but it is not ruled out that Sony will continue to streamline components such as the motherboard. In addition, this generation of hosts uses TSMC's 7nm chips. If Sony and Microsoft want to further reduce power consumption and heat while maintaining performance, they can also use TSMC's 5nm process to produce chips, so the cost of integration is uncertain. It will be even lower. After all, the power consumption and heat generation have decreased, and the specifications of the power supply and the heat sink can also be decreased, is beneficial to the miniaturization and thinning of the entire model. Interestingly, since the new version is said to be a detachable USB optical drive, if it is removed, the PS5 console will become a digital version, and this optical drive can also run independently and will support the current Sony PS5 digital version, which is in progress. After the software update, you can use the USB interface to connect the optical drive. The launch time of the new console will be from September to November next year, and November is also the anniversary of the three-year Sony PS5 release. So in addition to this new thin and light console, maybe PS VR2 will also be released at this time. Speaking of PS VR2, although Sony has announced this console, the specific release date will definitely be next year. From now on, it will be either the first quarter or the fourth quarter, mainly in March or November. The two time periods have special significance for Sony. Of course, the first generation of PS VR was launched in October, so the specific time has yet to be announced by Sony. However, one piece of information has basically been confirmed, that is, PS VR2 will not support the previous generation of PS VR games. Although the consoles of PS4 and PS5 are both x86 architectures, Sony should have used different hardware for the two generations of PS VR products, so although the first generation of PS VR has 500 games, PS VR2 will not be compatible with these games. . A Sony executive said: PS VR2 has more advanced features such as new controller haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, inside-out tracking, eye tracking and 3D audio. This means that developing games for PS VR2 requires a completely different approach than PS VR. This actually represents Sony's official attitude, so players don't have to look forward to this feature too much. However, although it cannot directly support PS VR games, PS VR games can be updated to support PS VR2 headsets, but I don’t know how many game manufacturers are willing to do this, because it is equivalent to making a new version, and Whether or not these games will be available to players for free is also uncertain. But more importantly, there are not many games that impress us in the previous PS VR games. Although the games have sold a lot, it is hard to say who deserves to develop a new version for PS VR2 alone.

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