AMD computer graphics card optimization settings

  • Hello everyone, I'm a craftsman. of the impact of the mining tide, many friends have a certain degree of resistance to graphics cards, and they will worry about whether the graphics card they bought is a mining card, and AMD has launched 6X50 series graphics cards during this tense period, such as RX6650XT, 6750XT, etc. This series of AMD officially claims that there is absolutely no mining version, and the release date is basically the mining disaster period, so many consumers will choose to buy it for stability. However, AMD's products have been suitable for users who like tossing from ancient times to the present. The graphics card you buy still has a certain room for improvement. Today, the small craftsman will teach you how to prostitute the performance of AMD graphics card. First of all, we only need to go to AMD's official website to download the driver for the corresponding model. Then we open AMD's graphics card driver interface. Unlike NVIDIA, AMD's driver integrates almost all the functions that you can set on the graphics card, including the adjustment of core frequency, video memory frequency, graphics card fan speed and power consumption that we are going to talk about today. Adjustment. These are all integrated under the graphics card driver performance page. Because the driver comes with some overclocking options, we can first look at the physique of the graphics card through its own preset values. We click respectively: overclocking DRAM and overclocking GPU, the software will pop up two values, we need to remember. After remembering it, we can open all the following interfaces that were not opened originally: Then fill in the two values ​​just obtained in GPU adjustment and VRAM adjustment respectively. Since there are two values ​​for GPU frequency adjustment: minimum and maximum, we fill in the maximum value with the obtained value, and then the minimum value can be reduced by 300-400 according to the maximum value. DRAM is basically full directly, and we can also directly fill the VRAM progress bar. After these operations, the frequency adjustment is basically completed, but as the frequency performance improves, the heat generation and power consumption will also increase. At this time, we need to set these two points. On the fan adjustment side, we can set the speed of the fan at different temperatures according to our own feelings, so as to balance the cooling requirements of the graphics card under different load conditions - low load noise and low load, high load and high speed. Next is the power consumption adjustment. Higher performance will inevitably mean higher power consumption requirements. We directly increase the power consumption of the graphics card on the power management side, that is, increase by 20%. This increase is only not your power supply. It just happens that the card is basically completely stress-free in terms of configuration power consumption requirements. After the above operations are completed, we have completed the advanced operation to squeeze the performance of AMD graphics cards. However, due to the different materials used by different graphics card brands, the physiques of the graphics cards are also different, so we still need to conduct a simple test to see the overclocking. Is it stable. At this time, if you have the conditions, you can use FurMark (commonly known as "doughnut") to copy the machine for a period of time to see if the graphics card driver will report an error. Of course, if you don't have professional software at hand, you can also run some large-scale stand-alone games to test to see if the long-running process will cause the graphics card driver to report an error. If the graphics card can still run stably after these tests, then we have completed the overclocking and stability testing of the graphics card, and the performance has been improved for nothing. Left is after overclocking, right is default The above is how to squeeze the AMD graphics card driver to the limit today. If there is still something you don’t understand in the operation, please leave a message in the comment area below, and the craftsman will actively give you answers.

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