Huawei "released" the new 5G phone ahead of schedule

  • In general, TD Tech P50 The ordinary user version of the Huawei P50 can indeed be regarded as a replacement version of the Huawei P50 5G. But the premise is that you can accept the less complete Hongmeng system, and the camera effect that may not have Huawei's algorithm. After reading the introduction of TD Tech P50, there may be some friends who want to ask, is it possible to start TD Tech mobile phones without thinking? I understand the conclusion first: you can buy it, but more importantly, you have to look at the configuration and price in the selection process! Take TD Tech's M40, which was a replica of Huawei's Mate 40, as an example. It is just right to compare it to the TD Tech P50. The appearance is also re-engraved, TD Tech M40 and Huawei Mate 40 look like twins, but the configuration is a lot different. Image source: TD Tech's official website, TD Tech M40 is powered by Dimensity 1000+ chip. For general performance, we can refer to Qualcomm Snapdragon 860. However, the Goose Mate 40 is equipped with the Kirin 9000E, and different chips are fine, but the gap is a bit outrageous. I understand, I thought, since the TD Tech M40 chips have all been downgraded, the price must be lowered a little bit, right? As a result, I was dumbfounded when I saw the price. The 8 + 128 GB version sold for 3499 yuan, and the 8 + 256 GB version sold for 3899 yuan. Source: TD Tech (TD Tech) Jingdong self-operated flagship store has a "high-end version" behind it, but it only increases the screen refresh rate to 90 Hz, plus a charging kit is included. The price has increased by 100 yuan, which is 3599 yuan for the 8 + 128 GB version and 3999 yuan for the 8 + 256 GB version. Source: TD Tech has something to say, even if the other configurations of the TD Tech M40 are good, the Dimensity 1000+ is so expensive that it is not cost-effective. What's more, at this price, we can actually choose the Huawei Mate 40 on the second-hand trading platform. Source: Xianyu TD Tech is estimated to have learned the lesson from the embarrassing situation of M40's "high price and low configuration", and this time the P50 has not shrunk in configuration. So, whether this wave of TD Tech P50 is suitable to start with, don’t worry about the configuration, it depends on the follow-up price. I understand, if the price is lower than or close to the Huawei P50, those who want to buy it can consider it. I also went to TD Tech's official website to shop around. Now, at present, TD Tech has re-engraved Huawei's products, and there are several models as follows. If you have a small partner who wants to start, let me remind you, you should look at the configuration price first, and then consider whether to buy it! Source: TD Tech's official website finally understands and asks the pollen pot friends. After reading today's introduction, do you have any plans to buy a TD Tech mobile phone? Cover image source: Huawei official website

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