How to make picture portraits talk

  • Usually most of the pictures we see are static, but some dynamic portrait pictures are very popular recently. So how are these dynamic effects made? You don't need to have professional drawing skills, you only need a software to help you create the effect of talking in portrait photos. Let's take a look at the production steps. Borrowing tool: Booklist Video Assistant This is a video production and editing tool, built-in a variety of fun templates, easy production, automatic video subtitles, quickly generate vlog subtitles with simultaneous sound, and no longer need to type subtitles by hand! It also supports functions such as virtual live broadcast rooms, costume templates, picture-in-picture, etc. It is very convenient to use! 01 Open the book list video assistant tool, select the "lip-sync" function in the toolbox interface, and prepare the material selection in the jump interface software. Of course, we can also choose to upload photos from the album. 02Open the picture, click "picture" below to change the picture. Select "Audio" to proceed to the next step "Import Audio, Text Dubbing". 03Choose "Import Audio" to import music from four ports, such as music library, local music, extracted music, and link import. Then enter the text in the text box, select your favorite anchor voice and click "Generate Dubbing". After the audition is correct, click "Finish" and you're done! It is worth mentioning that in addition to the standard male and female voices, the software also has Cantonese and dialect dubbing, which is really amazing~04 Let's take a look at what the picture portraits can say It's really interesting~ That's all I've shared today! Interested friends can try it~

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