The machinist showed his hard power and topped the

  • On August 19th, the New Consumer Conference came to a successful conclusion in Beijing, and Yiou Think Tank released the "2022 New Domestic CoolTop 100 Brand List" report. With the high-quality product hard core strength and the innovative vitality of chasing the new national trend, the mechanic successfully made the list, won the affirmation of many jury members, and set a new benchmark in the field of high-performance computer hardware with excellent comprehensive performance Rigorous screening, a symbol of honor! This time, the selection of the "COOLTOP New Domestic Products" list lasted for more than three months. After a series of rigorous assessment processes and layers of screening, the 100 most representative new domestic brands were finally selected from more than 1,000 brands. , including the leading brand machinists in the high-performance computer hardware industry. Ingenuity quality, create new domestic product quality! The mechanic takes the creation of high-quality new domestic products as the development concept, and integrates traditional national tide elements and Chinese culture into the product design to create high-value products and win the favor of young players. At the same time, it has also made users feel at ease in terms of product quality. mechanic especially joined hands with Guo Dan, the world champion of roller skating, as the brand image ambassador of the mechanic. The champion's choice, the quality is guaranteed! The mechanic adheres to the user interaction verification as the product development concept, puts the user experience in the first place, always focuses on the needs of the users, deeply understands the user's preferences, solves the user's pain points, and continues to make innovations and breakthroughs in product configuration, technology, etc., and iterative expansion. Launch high-performance, high-quality new domestic equipment to create a more immersive new scene experience for players, and become a highly influential domestic brand of "high-performance computer hardware equipment and computer hardware full-scene application experience"! Mechanics strive to create stronger new domestic products for users, integrate the world's top supply chain resources, cooperate with world-renowned manufacturers, adhere to the spirit of geek innovation, manufacture with strict production standards, ingenuity, and strive for excellence in product quality. Polishing each product, testing and inspection higher than the industry quality standard, after tens of thousands of mechanical tests, strict monitoring, to ensure the quality of each product. Constantly sculpting, constantly improving, insisting on style innovation, constantly exploring the boundaries of experience, and only bringing better products to users, this is also the reason why mechanics can stand out in the fierce competition and become a brand on the "2022 New Domestic CoolTop100 Brand List". important reason! The rise and development of new domestic products has given Guochao culture a new definition and mission. Made in China has set off a new wave of consumption, bringing opportunities and vitality to the development of Chinese brands and the revival of Chinese culture. Mechanics will continue to innovate, continue to deepen the construction of a complete e-sports ecosystem, gradually expand the full-scene products of mechanics, and create new domestic products with better quality and stronger strength for young people who play cool, so that more consumers can see domestic products. The tough power! Machenike Mechanic - Play and be cool! Baidu search [Mechanic Forum], the machine benefits are sent non-stop! Follow the WeChat public account [MACHENIKE Mechanic], and get √ for official information as soon as possible.

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