Apple has won half of the U.S. market share

  • the iPhone has been regarded as a product leading the new era of smartphones, due to high prices and other reasons, the iPhone has never been able to lead the market share. So who keeps suppressing the iPhone? Everyone should know the answer - Android, although it is worse than iOS in terms of system optimization and other aspects, but Android's open and free features make it popular in the low-end market that iPhone has not touched, becoming the mobile phone system with the highest market share. However, the reality that Android's market share is higher than that of the iPhone has become a thing of the past. Although it is limited to the US market, it is also a milestone-like historic moment for Apple. to the latest report from industry analysis company Counterpoint Researchcgh, in the second quarter of 2022, Apple's smartphone market share in the United States exceeded 50% for the first time, surpassing Android phones to become the first. Image source: Counterpoint Reearcgh Counterpoint Reearcgh's report is based on the results of "active installations", which simply counts all mobile phones that are still in use, including a large number of old iPhones and Android phones still in use, so it is not It does not mean that Apple has surpassed Android phones in shipments. Even so, this is a stellar result for Apple, which means that Apple has managed to defeat all Android phone manufacturers on its own.Although according to the report of Counterpoint Researchcgh, this is the first time that Apple has surpassed Android mobile phones and achieved a market share of more than 50%, in fact, according to the statistics of other institutions, Apple's active installed capacity in many developed countries The proportion has already exceeded 50%. In the data provided by statcounter, the proportion of active iPhone installations in Japan has remained at a very high proportion, even approaching 70% at one time, and in the past year, the minimum has remained above 60%. On the love of iPhone , Japan should be regarded as the world's first. Image source: statcounter In fact, after reviewing the data of major developed countries, I found that the more economically developed countries and regions, the higher the active installed capacity of iPhones, while in developing and underdeveloped countries, Android's The market share is much higher than that of Apple. With the perfect ecology and the mobile phone performance that has always suppressed the Android camp, the iPhone is often the first choice for consumers with sufficient budget, which also gives the iPhone an advantage in the mid-to-high-end market. So, I wouldn't be surprised by the news that the iPhone's active installed base in the US market accounted for more than 50%. In fact, I always thought that this result was inevitable, only the difference between surpassing this month or next year. Because there has always been a "user deficit" between iOS and Android.

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